BobKat’s Formula for Success

BobKat’s formula for success

  • 42% of search assignments are filled by referrals from our clients, candidates, and network of consortium members
  • Over 30 years of experience building large networks of quality clients and candidates
  • Laser focus in the medical, higher education, and governmental fields
  • Consistent presence in leading industry publications
  • Active participation in industry organizations and associations

Strategically Designed Recruiting Process

Who, How, What, and Why
We know that every Institution has a specific culture and individualized needs that determine  the success or a failure of a hire. A mismatch in an organization can be measured in a significant loss of dollars, as cost of ownership may be high. The cost of ownership may be a strange term for a hire, but it is a solid fact: a square peg in a round hole hurts the organization by:

  • Costing time, pulling you and your team away from on-going projects to interview, analyze data, and test candidates.
  • Costing in morale, because the fit was inappropriate; therefore, key indicators were not met while the individual was with the institution.
  • Costing team trust, because the organization will believe that the search team did not engage in its due diligence, as the team now needs to go through the lengthy search process again

BobKat is here to reduce these costs and to GUARANTEE that we mitigate the cost of ownership to you and your organization, as detailed in this document.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the National Market

  • Maintaining the organization’s culture, mission, and vision.

This list of focuses is endless. This growth is both a strength and weakness in the national market. In order to meet demand, institutions are incorporating more part-time, non-tenure track positions.

  • Growth creates a two-edged sword. Growth in non-traditional staff and growth in non-traditional programs is positive.
  • However, growth in these two areas means that the institution needs leaders who can communicate and protect the integrity of the organization’s culture, mission, and vision.

Evaluation of the Search and Screen Process

Your search assignment is given the utmost priority by an entire BobKat team consisting of selected members:  Account Manager, Consultant, and a Researcher/Recruiter. More prospective candidates will be recruited, interviewed, screened, and qualified, in less time. Appropriate attempts will be made to leave “no stone unturned” in finding the best-qualified candidates to meet your company’s specific qualifications and criteria.

Retaining just one search firm promotes search stability, versus working with multiple recruiters, which at times lends itself to haphazard and shoddy work. Why? The “who gets the candidate there first” approach among some recruiters can result in a track meet mentality, encouraging many recruiters to send in candidates without adequately prescreening them. At best, this method results in poor screening because it does take time to screen a candidate properly. In a track meet, time works against the contingency recruiter. Therefore, more marginal candidates are presented, creating more work for the client.

Consulting and Advisement to the Search Committee

Research has shown one of the most significant reasons for failure and dissatisfaction of executives (by the board) is related to a conflict between the executive and the board’s misunderstanding of who the decision maker actually is. Often executives do not see boards as partnering or collaborative resources to help overcome organizational challenges.

To reduce these conflicts, BobKat will ensure that the candidate fully understands the organizational culture, responsibilities, and communication process and that they are comfortable with their role and are stimulated by a strategic team mentality, whereby both parties work together to identify key strategies, objectives, tactical initiatives, and accountability.

In addition, we will provide the search committee with a personality profile that helps to identify candidates’ key personality indicators that will best lead to a successful career with the organization. These characteristics will be identified during the evaluation process and often include:  Assertiveness, Political Ability, Vision, Strategic Thinking, Quantitative Analysis, Communication styles, etc.

Assessment/Definition of you, the client

Each search begins with a pre-search study in which selected members of the BobKat team spend extensive time either on location or on teleconferencing, researching the distinctive

history, culture, strengths, and challenges of your institution. The selected members of the BobKat team will take the time to ask strategic questions as they relate to the prospective position and then will listen to your management team.

BobKat develops and provides a profile of the ideal candidate for approval before beginning to provide the client with a short list of prospective candidates.

Areas of assessment are included (but not limited to)

  • Develop with the client a position description
  • Define, then establish the key benchmarks and key strategic indicators
  • Establish short and long term goals
  • Accurately define the health and integrity of the organization
  • Define the institution’s culture, vision, and mission
  • Define prospective, career-propelling characteristics
  • Illustrate prospective characteristics that can lead to retention failure

After this assessment, BobKat will create a tailored recruitment process and candidate assessment form that will assist in removing the “gut” feel of the interview process and provide the institution quantitative information as we narrow the search.

Tailored Recruitment

Based on the analysis and profile we create, the selected members of the BobKat team will work with the search committee to develop a position profile that includes:

  • A presentation of the institution’s distinctive strengths
  • An analysis of the opportunities and priorities facing the institution
  • A description of the specific attributes and leadership characteristics sought in the successful candidate.

Application Pool Diversity

At BobKat our researchers work diligently with the information provided during the client interview process, identifying issues such as the search scope, regional or national education, characteristics, experience, etc.

BobKat’s philosophy and commitment to each client is that the search process is performed consistently with the same level of service, attention, professionalism, responsiveness and result. BobKat’s search methodology is based upon the expertise of seasoned HR professionals, from beginning to end. This means that BobKat has a 100% success placement ratio because we have a duplicable process, with a proven methodology, and established benchmarks that go beyond theory to sustainability. We make certain that all stakeholders are informed and updated on the search process. Even during particularly complex and sensitive searches, BobKat is not daunted. We may consult with the board again and/or revisit the criterion of the search, but we do not stop the search process until success is achieved.


Many recruiting firms use web-based advertising to develop a list of candidates for your need. Although this is a tool that can be used to develop interest in the position, it is not the most effective tool in the search process. We call that “skimming.” BobKat finds it successful, sometimes, but not the most reliable methodology for finding the best pool of candidates. Our team thoughtfully interviews your organization’s search team to understand the organization’s needs. Our research team then begins an aggressive search process for candidates that most fit the culture, education, experience, and skills necessary to be successful.

We can advertise on widely known web sites such as, LinkedIn,, The Chronicle of Higher Education, as well as specific trade publications pertinent to the institution. This, however, is not the main method of the BobKat search process.

Pre-Employment/Pre- Promotion Assessment Testing Saves Time and Money

By using an assortment of assessments and a trained facilitator, BobKat is better able to ensure the optimal placement of candidates. The goal is to holistically capture the parameters of the position and its responsibilities. This understanding allows us to select the top tools to identify top talent. We utilize assessment information along with other information sources to shorten orientation time and to heighten the probability of new hire success and new role satisfaction. Promoting a successful launch of a new hire, achieving the desired result, and lowering turnover and further business interruption are all a part of the BobKat search process.

Reference and Background Verification

Basic service included in all candidate searches

BobKat conducts verification of information and reference checks for our own purposes, when evaluating candidates. We can more thoroughly cross check candidate information and references independently. BobKat will provide personal, educational, and employment background information; the client agrees to independently verify that information.

Comprehensive Background Verification by request

You have a vision for your organizations growth and want a safer environment. Our pre-employment services can help reduce hiring expenses, hire and retain better candidates, provide a safer workplace, and reduce turnover. To stay competitive and safe in today’s litigious world, it is crucial to plan for the hiring of your candidates and help reduce cost of the hiring and retaining of your employees.
Our background search is equipped with the most current data and software available to obtain the most comprehensive criminal record information. Each report complies with all the laws governing pre-employment and volunteer screening.

National Statewide Criminal Database Search
Educational Verification
National Statewide Known Sex Offenders
Worker’s Comp Background Search

Credit/financial Search
Motor Vehicle Records
Department of Corrections Check
License/credential Verification

Compensation Consultation

BobKat will conduct and provide research statistics for comprehensive compensation packages including salary, incentive, and severance agreements.

Candidate Negotiations

BobKat delivers the offer and gains acceptance, including compensation, benefits, and start date. We will work with the search team and the client to develop an offer the candidate will accept.

BobKat Formula For Success

Search Benchmarking

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Recruiting Process

BobKat’s philosophy and commitment to each client is that the search process is performed consistently—the same level of service, attention, professionalism, responsiveness, and results. BobKat’s search methodology is based on the search being led by seasoned Human Resource professionals from beginning to end. Our process begins with a proven methodology and established benchmarks, theoretical and practical. All stakeholders are informed and updated during the search process criteria.

Recruiting Timeline and Best Practices

Week One-Two: define research criteria

  • Understand  client “points” and potential objections and qualities about the company
  • Determine the companies that client does (and does not) want us to target
  • Establish position description and talking points
  • Meet with an assigned BobKat team
  • Review benchmarks
  • Complete research

Week Two –Four research complete, extensive recruiting underway

  • Pre search Market Intelligence Report completed and presented. IF the search criteria does not need to be redefined  based on the report then the process is:
  • Obtain initial market feedback (1-3 candidates) with talking points; meet with team and review to ensure search criteria is valid and manageable
  • Review findings with assigned team and client
  • Start aggressive candidate recruiting
  • Discuss number of candidates identified and contacted (goal 100+ identified)
  • Determine fit of initial candidates and proceed accordingly
  • Review benchmarks, updating client when needed

Week Four- Eight review feedback on candidates

  • Develop initial short list (1-3 candidates)
  • Review  candidates’ paperwork and conduct sensitive reference checks
  • Review candidates with client
  • Establish time line for 1st interviews with client
  • Schedule candidate interviews
  • Establish time line with client for 2nd and 3rd level interviews
  • BobKat will continue to raise the bar and develop new leads and/or high quality “back-up” candidates throughout the search process

Week Eight-Twelve focus on lead candidates and reference checks

  • Solidify formal short list of 1-3 candidates with candidate/client
  • Provide reference check write-ups to client  of the chosen candidate

Week Twelve-Fourteen coordinate offers and start date

  • Work with client to develop an offer the candidate will accept
  • BobKat delivers the offer and gains acceptance, including start date

Week Fourteen

  • If the search is unsuccessful or an offer is refused, or if the start date is missed, re-evaluate and begin the search process again under the same terms and conditions.

Post Hire (in touch with candidate and client)

Follow-up after:

  • First week
  • First month
  • First 90 days
  • Non-Solicitation Policy BobKat will not solicit the placed candidate for two years.

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