Mission Statement

Our Mission:
WHY WE EXIST FOR CANDIDATES: We are facilitators of renewing your hope, defending your goals, transforming your career.

WHY WE EXIST FOR CLIENTS: Always open, always collaborative, always transparent; partnering with you to facilitate your company mission.

WHY WE EXIST FOR OUR TEAM MEMBERS: To create streams of income for the purpose of providing for their family and friends, the community, and inspiring them to achieve their goals and aspirations in a genuine and meaningful way.

WHO WE ARE: BOBKAT proclaims publicly our mission is not only to quietly and confidentially canvass all sources to find just the right match for the client and candidate, but also to wisely assess the marketplace and to develop the career search to a successful conclusion.

Our Core Values:


DIGNITY: Respect for the worth and value of every person, recognition and commitment to the value of every life, in every stage of life.

INTEGRITY: Honesty, justice, and consistency in all relationships, even when no one is watching.

EXCELLENCE:  High standards of service, performance, and accountability.

COMPASSION: Service in a spirit of empathy, love, and concern.

STEWARDSHIP: Wise and just use of talents and resources in a collaborative manner.

Our Vision:

WHAT WE ARE STRIVING TO DO: BOBKAT Confidential Recruiters and New Images Business Consultants “The Virtual Consortium,” LLC are leaders, partners, and advocates in the creation of innovative health and wellness business consulting and solutions. With the end goal of improving the lives of individuals and the companies, they serve so that all may experience fulfillment in their careers and their life missions.

Our Name and Symbol:

OUR NAME: The choice recognizes the founders, BOB & KAT It is fitting that it is the firm’s name as they believe they have been called together for life, to raise a family, to work together as one, to contribute to their community, and to inspire and be an example to others.

OUR LOGO: Reflects the animal that is quiet and confident in its search and survival in the jungle.

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