Long-Term Care (LTC) Industry

Setting a standard of excellence for LTC Consulting

We fully understand and embrace the fact that owing a business in the LTC industry is a humanitarian endeavor. Yet profitability is not a degradation of humanity but a fiscal responsibility. It is necessary to remain financially responsible while ensuring resident rights, dignity, and quality resident care.


We are a client-focused resource, continually striving for excellence. With every LTC engagement, you will benefit from the superior Governing Principles of our LTC Consulting Team. We will treat every client engagement with a focused eye toward the best interests of the client and will design our services to deliver the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Sustaining consistent profitability

Nursing home and other long-term care facilities (such as CARF-CCAC, assisted living, and CBRF serving our population with developmental disabilities and our senior population) are undergoing dramatic changes. These changes include the emergence of competitors; an increasing shortage of high-level leadership; an environment that is becoming increasingly litigious; changes in reimbursement; and increasing challenges in functioning, operating, and sustaining consistent profitability under ever-changing state and federal regulations.

If the LTC industry as a whole continues to keep doing what it has always done, we are convinced that it will continue to get what it has always gotten. The question is, “Is it enough?” Our LTC consortium team thinks outside the box, bringing fresh new ideas and concepts for doing business today.

Short- and long-range planning

The LTC consortium team brings a depth of experience, which allows us to conduct financial and operational analyses for short- and long-range planning.









LTC Industry


The LTC Consortium Team aids business owners with planning projects

We can help you develop your Business Case, Charter, Scope Statement, Business Analysis, and Cost/Time Estimates. Whatever your project—whether facility development, expansion, software, change management, or developing a solution for any other business need—our  professionals help identify the markets and the facilities that meet key objectives, such as:

ü  Search and placement

ü  Interim professional Leadership

ü  HR outsourcing

ü  Staff training and education

ü  MDS

ü  Compliance 

ü  Financial audit

ü  Marketing Strategy

ü  Facility/property management/environmental  

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