BobKat’s Formula for Success

BobKat’s formula for success

“PROMISES MADE ARE PROMISES KEPT” There, when, and where you need us

BOBKAT’ s experience extends well beyond theory. We know the right direction to take and the decisions that need to be made. BOBKAT’s methodology is consistently sustainable by using best practices and proven benchmarks. Our clients and candidates are the beneficiary of our experience.

Strategically Designed Recruiting Process

Who, How, What, and Why
We know that every Institution has a specific culture and individualized needs that determine the success or a failure of a hire. A mismatch in an organization can be measured in a significant loss of dollars, as cost of ownership may be high. The cost of ownership may be a strange term for a hire, but it is a solid fact: a square peg in a round hole hurts the organization by:

BOBKAT has assisted candidates and clients through troubled economic turbulence, including unexpected opportunities, downsizings, mergers, and acquisitions. We have helped people during times of high unemployment, low unemployment, high interest rates, and low interest rates. We have adapted to changes that include moving from generous employee benefits to shared cost benefits – strategically funneling clients and candidates through these changing times.

BobKat is here to reduce these costs and to GUARANTEE that we mitigate the cost of ownership to you and your organization

Evaluation of the Search and Screen Process

Your search assignment is given the utmost priority focusing on one client contract at a time. No more juggling multiple clients and contracts.  More prospective candidates will be recruited, interviewed, screened, and qualified, in less time. Appropriate attempts will be made to leave “no stone unturned” in finding the best-qualified candidates to meet your company’s specific qualifications and criteria.

BOBAKT’s Managing Principals believe all people are created equal regardless of race, creed, color, religion, sex, & protected under federal, state, local law. BOBKAT has always searched and presented the most qualified candidates based on education, job performance, emotional intelligence, references and the candidates career goal and the employers position objective.

Tailored Recruitment

Based on the analysis and profile we create the selected members of the BOBKAT team will work with the search committee to develop a position profile that includes:

  • A presentation of the institution’s distinctive strengths
  • An analysis of the opportunities and priorities facing the institution
  • A description of the specific attributes and leadership characteristics sought in the successful candidate.

Reference and Background Verification

BOBKAT conducts verification of information and reference checks for our own purposes, when evaluating candidates. We can more thoroughly cross check candidate information and references independently. BOBKAT will provide personal, educational, and employment background information; the client agrees to independently verify that information.

BOBKAT will conduct and provide research statistics for comprehensive compensation packages including salary, incentive, and severance agreements.

BOBKAT delivers the offer and gains acceptance, including compensation, benefits, and start date. We will work with the search team and the client to develop an offer the candidate will accept.

BobKat Formula For Success

Search Benchmarking

Measuring the Effectiveness of the Recruiting Process

BOBKAT’s philosophy and commitment to each client is that the search process is performed consistently—the same level of service, attention, professionalism, responsiveness, and results. BOBKAT’ s search methodology is based on the search being led by seasoned Human Resource professionals from beginning to end. Our process begins with a proven methodology and established benchmarks, theoretical and practical. All stakeholders are informed and updated during the search process criteria.

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