Team Structure and Responsibilities

The T.E.A.M.approach explains recruitment in four steps

TARGET           Identify Your Audience

ENGAGE          Define Your Message

ATTRACT         Access the Right People

MAXIMIZE      Optimize using BOBKAT’s process

Team Structure and Responsibilities

BOBKAT takes time to understand our clients. Each client is provided with an account manager and search team who learn and know your business, its requirements, and culture. We work with our clients to ensure that proper “fit.” We agree on a process for both informal and formal communication. With a regional and national presence, we are always right where you need us to be.

When a consultant is assigned to a service contract, this is the process they follow:

  • The Account Manager which is the principal contact for the candidate and client
  • The Researcher
  • The Recruiter
  • The Consultant

The Account Manager’s focus is on the client 

Serves as the primary, contact, understands overall client culture and expectations, so that the search is focused and accurate. The Account Manager provides customer service and follow through on all issues during the contracted search process.

  • Responsible for in-person client communications
  • Ensures that client requests are dealt with in an efficient, but swift, manner. They will inform the search team of any needs, concerns, or requests the client may have
  • Works closely with the project team in order to maintain continuous knowledge of project status and to anticipate potential issues and/or opportunities related to the search
  • Communicates the client’s goals and represents the client’s interests

The Account Manager’s focus is on the candidate

  • Provides ongoing and elicits two-way communication between the client and candidate providing strong representation and establish the client’s expectations and the candidate career goals

Researcher and Recruiter
The Researcher/Recruiter focus is on the candidate

  • Daily candidate search and relationship development
  • Initiates and leads candidate research and updates, tapping into built-in referral network system, when appropriate
  • Maintaining a continuous knowledge of the search assignment status and assists in identifying potential issues and/or opportunities within the search
  • Communicates candidate’s goals and represents those interests
  • Follows best practices and benchmarks

The Consultant’s focus is on the candidate and client

  • Develop the client profile by interacting with HR, department directors, board members and search committee, when directed
  • Ensuring the client’s culture and needs correlate with the candidate’s best interest
  • Monitor the search for focus and accuracy; performs database research and updates and solicits within the referral network system
  • Ensures that client requests are managed in an efficient manner, informing any needs, concerns, or requests of the client or candidate
  • Works closely with the team in order to maintain a continuous knowledge of the search assignment status and to predict potential opportunities or issues surrounding the search
  • Maintains awareness and the pursuit of opportunities for account growth and retention, ultimately offering fiscally responsible consulting and solutions
  • Communicates the client and candidate’s goals and represent the client’s and candidate’s interests
  • Engages in regular communication between the client and candidate to provide strong team representation and to ensure that overall expectations are met or exceeded
  • Always accessible to the client and clearly communicates their needs to the candidate

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