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We think you will agree they are the right people, at the right time, with the right solutions, reviving your passion

The right Interim Professional leadership for you, when and where you need them!

BOBKAT knows and understands a void in leadership is actually bigger than it appears. All it takes is for an unexpected loss of a  executive to cause a chain reaction throughout the entire organization, potentially affecting the quality of patient care.

When the sudden loss of leadership occurs, talk with BOBKAT to fill your leadership void. Although titled Interim Professional, these skilled individuals are seasoned, educated, professionals who are consultants with BOBKAT and who have made a long-term commitment to short-term assignments. The Interim Professional brings a wealth of experience and a track record of improving financial, operational outcome, and enhancing stakeholder relationships.

When you retain an Interim Professional from BOBKAT you can expect

  A smooth transition while a permanent leader is being identified

Guaranteed leadership based on your specific needs

  Efficiency from an operational and financial standpoint

Improved departmental performance

Benefits from an objective unbiased viewpoint and action plan

Best of all, when you retain BOBKAT’s Interim Professional, you gain unlimited access to the Virtual Consortium Consultants teaming together for one source, many solutions, offering a seamless approach to optimize performance in every department. The Consortium has a broad base of knowledge, skills, and education to back up your Interim Professional. You don’t just get an Interim Professional; you receive the knowledge and years of combined experience from an entire consortium.

The Role of an Interim Professional

The Interim Professional will make a long-term impact on your organization. With the educational and hands-on experience to adapt to your environment, these healthcare professionals are able to make an immediate difference. Although their tenure may be short, their results are documentable.

The interim Professional is

  • Highly qualified
    The Interim Professional has successfully held the “title” and possesses the solid educational credentials.
  • A trusted adviser
    The Interim Professionals are well-versed in regulatory and accreditation processes. The interim Professionals are skilled at organizational development and planning and know how to quickly turn plans into action.


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