BobKat offers corporate or transitioner sponsored programs

Corporate Sponsored Outplacement/Transitioning Program

BobKat offers a value-driven alternative to traditional outplacement.  We have been doing this for 20+ years.  We are good at it. You can depend on us.  BobKat services focus on providing true solutions to the issues facing transitioning employees at a price that represents real value to the company.


  • Status updates
  • A methodology that really works
  • Budget consciousness
  • Fostering goodwill
  • Potential for less unemployment

Corporate Sponsored Employee Benefit

BobKat always works to provide your transitioning employees the tools and services they will need to make the next step in their career. Transitioning employees receive:

  • Customized searches, wherever that takes them
  • Assistance with professional industry approved resume and customized cover letters
  • Job search guidance and employer marketplace updates
  • Employee service support
  • Once a week conference chat

What should you look for in a Outplacement/Transitioning Company?

Longevity in the industry: BobKat brings together 30+ plus years of successful experience in healthcare career transition/outplacement.

Specialization: Healthcare Executive &  Higher Education Outplacement and Career Transition Services and physician transitioning to non clinical.

Proven results: Effectiveness and affordability. BobKat beat all national outplacement statistics 4 years in a row. Knowing where to go and how to get there is a proven map of success.

Industry Knowledge: All BobKat teams members are educated and skilled within the healthcare/medical industry. 

A clear road map: BobKat employs three proven techniques: 1) Profile testing tool; 2) Research and data base creation; and 3) customized cover letters and resumes.

Industry recognition & respect: Covering all options offering in-house recruiting, placement, and interim work. 

What is needed in a successful transition program?

  • Psychologist to administer the right profile testing
  • Complete professional background profile screening to meet compliance requirements
  • Customized search wherever that takes you
  • Assistance with professional industry approved resume and cover letters
  • Job search guidance and marketplace updates
  • Interviewing training and coaching
  • Once a week conference chat with a mentor from your industry
  • Virtual support sessions scheduled biweekly to actively bring other transitioners together for effective networking

What will it take to be a successful transitioner?

Commitment to work the program:
1. Make 25 contacts a day, every day. This is a work program. This is your job.
2. Learn your transferable skills and how to present them.
3. Talk the talk and walk the walk by learning how to interview for each opportunity.
4. Attend the virtual support sessions.
5. Schedule the weekly conference chat with your mentor.

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