Why Partner with BobKat?

Why Partner with BobKat? Because Experience Matters!

Studies show partnering offers

  •  More relationships
  •  More recognition
  •  More results

BobKat has been in the search business since 1978. We are progressive HR Recruitment and Employee Retention Specialists. BobKat is a uniquely positioned organization with a regional and national presence. We are right where you need us!

BobKat H.R. Recruitment and Employee Retention Specialists since 1978

  • Higher Education
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Insurance

BobKat Confidential Recruiters, New Images Business Consultants “The Virtual Consortium,” LLC has consistently proven to have the energy and creativity to stay on the cutting edge in our field along with the experience to help you in your situation. In 2010, with increasing consulting demands, “The Virtual Consortium” expanded its business consortium from a Wisconsin based team to a virtual consortium team of experts.

Beyond Theory: Experience is the Best Teacher!

BobKat’s experience extends well beyond theory. BobKat knows the right direction to take and the decisions that need to be made. BobKat’s methodology is consistently sustainable by using best practices and proven benchmarks. Our clients are the beneficiary of our experience.

BobKat has assisted candidates and clients through troubled economic turbulence, including unexpected opportunities, downsizings, mergers, and acquisitions. We have helped people during times of high unemployment, low unemployment, high interest rates, and low interest rates. We have adapted to changes that include moving from generous employee benefits to shared cost benefits – strategically funneling clients and candidates through these changing times.

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